Second Term Skills

Grade 7

Scales: Review Bb Concert scale (Standard of Excellence, pg. 42)

Eb and F Concert scale, arpeggio and thirds

Technique: Pg. 20: Instrument solo

Band Repertoire

Theory: Leger lines and rhythm reading (Standard Of Excellence Theory workbook, 4T, 5T, )

Grade 8

Scales: Review Bb major, F major, Eb major scales with thirds (Standard of Excellence Book 2, pg. 42)

Chromatic Scale (one octave)

Demonstrate Bb concert and g minor from memory

Technique: Pg. 4, # 13: Knucklebuster

Band Repertoire

Theory: Intervals and Key signatures (Standard Of Excellence Theory workbook, 2T-4T )

*Percussion snare skills: Knucklebuster (mallets)

Review scales as above on mallets (demonstrate in class)

Grade 9

Scales: Review Bb, Eb, Ab, Ab, f minor major scales with arpeggios and thirds

Review g minor, c minor, and f minor scales

Technique: Pg. 4, #12: Technique Break

*Percussion snare skills: Technique Break (mallets)

Review scales on mallets (demonstrate in class)

Band Repertoire

Theory: Intervals, key signatures and major scale construction (Standard Of Excellence Theory workbook, 2T-6T)