Band marks are divided into two folders; Performance Concepts and Musical Concepts.

Performance concepts (practical skills) are worth 85% of each student’s mark.

Band performance tests are performed and evaluated on an individual basis. Students have the opportunity to perform scale tests at the beginning of band classes and all assigned scales must be completed and checked off by the due date.

Technique studies and solos (which are also performed individually) are evaluated on a performance rubric and are due to be performed in class on a specific date.

Rehearsal techniques will also be evaluated throughout the year.

Please encourage your children to practice regularly at home in order to be well prepared for band rehearsals and tests!

Musical Concepts (theoretical skills) are worth 15% of each student’s mark.  These skills will be evaluated through theory tests, research assignments and projects.

All intermediate teachers in the English Language School Board are using these folders and weights this year.

Due dates will change from time to time due to unexpected disruptions in the regular band class schedule (assemblies, storms, etc.).