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2016 Music Monday Performance

The 2016 PEI Intermediate Honours Band has been invited to perform two selections (Night Song and Bohemian Rhapsody) during the provincial Music Monday concert at Credit Union Place in Summerside on Monday, May 2nd.  Music Monday is a national event which promotes and celebrates the value of music education in Canada.

Below is a timeline/plan for Music Monday:

7:45 am – Students will need to provide their own transportation to Queen Charlotte Intermediate. A bus will depart from QC at 7:45 am to transport students to Credit Union Place in Summerside.
8:45 am  – All Intermediate Honours Band students should arrive at the Credit Union Place no later than 8:45 where they will be greeted by a guide who will take them up to the Oval room for our rehearsal.  All students will need their music, their instrument, a bagged lunch (no microwave) and their black tee-shirt/black bottoms.  The students will also leave their cases, coats, bags, etc in the Oval room for the duration of the day.

9:00 – 11:00 am – Rehearsal in the “Oval Room”.  A complete chair/stand percussion set up will be set up prior to the rehearsal.

11:00 – 11:20 – Students will move to the main stage for a quick soundcheck in the arena.  Again, a second complete chair/stand/percussion set up will be set up on the mainstage.

11:20-12:00: Students return to “The Oval” to place instruments back in cases and eat lunch.

12:00-12:25: Students make their way to the lobby to listen to Jordan Cameron, ukulele extraordinaire and catch a few minutes of the TOSH R&B Band.

12:25: Students return to “The Oval” to pick up instruments.

12:30:  Students proceed to Main Stage.

1:00: Performance begins. The Band will perform “Night Song” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” immediately after Meghan Blanchard’s welcoming remarks and song. After they play, students are asked to exit the arena via the Zamboni door to return instruments to “The Oval”, before moving to their reserved seating in the stands.

2:20: Students retrieve instruments, meet parents next to the pool observation area and enjoy cookies in the lobby, where the UPEI Brass will be performing.

2:30  Bus will return those students back to Queen Charlotte Intermediate.  Students will need to arrange to be picked up by parents/guardians at QC.  Students will be asked to contact their parents at the conclusion of the event to provide parents with an updated arrival time at QC.  

Additional Info:

  • While the bus will be making a return trip to QC, we encourage parents to attend the concert at 1 pm and then take their child home with them.  We’d like the audience as full as possible!
  • All participants will sing “We Are One”, the Music Monday anthem as the final number.  The Int. Honours Band will be seated in the audience for this part, but the students are still encouraged to sing along.  They can learn the song at www.musicmonday.ca  It’s a catchy tune, and it was written by an Ontario High School student.

Honors Band Information Memo for Parents

January 18, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Preparations are well under way for this year’s Intermediate Schools Honours Band program.  There are about 110 students in the band representing schools from across the Island.  This year our conductor is Jonathan Dagenais, of Montreal.  Students will meet him for the first time at our rehearsal on Friday, January 29 (see schedule below). This event will be a lasting memory in your son/daughter’s life.  Every year it brings together motivated young musicians and puts them to work collaboratively on a challenging concert program with a guest conductor.

All times and events are listed on the schedule below.  Please read it carefully and make certain you are aware of drop off and pick up times and locations for the weekend.

The uniform for the concert at the Delta Convention Center on Sunday, January 31 will be a T-shirt provided to the students at Saturday night’s rehearsal, and black pants.

There is a registration fee of $60 for all students participating in the Honors Band program to help us cover the costs associated with the event.  This will include the T-shirt and supper on Saturday evening.  We are fortunate that Stonepark Intermediate covers 50% of this fee.  Students are asked to please bring in their $30 fee (cash or cheque made payable to Stonepark Intermediate) as soon as possible.  If this payment will cause any undue financial hardship in your household, please contact me at ampeters@edu.pe.ca or 368-6085.

Many thanks for supporting this worthwhile and exciting event.  I look forward to seeing you at the concert.


Alison Peters

P.S.  Should the event be affected by inclement weather that weekend, all delays, cancellations, etc. will be posted on the Stonepark band blog and on the PEI Intermediate Honours Band blog.

2016 Honours Band Schedule

Students should always use the entrance off of the Simmons parking not the main doors off of North River Road. Students are asked to change into their sneakers while at Queen Charlotte. This is for their comfort and helps keep our school clean.

Friday, Jan.29, 2016

5:15 Registration in Queen Charlotte Cafeteria.

5:30 Set-up

6:00 Rehearsal

8:00 Trivia

8:45 Parents pick up students

Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016

8:30 Set-up/Warm-up at Queen Charlotte

9:00 Rehearsal

10:30 Break

10:50 Rehearsal/Sectional

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Rehearsal

2:45 Load instruments on truck and take bus to Murphy’s Bowling Center

5:00 Pizza Party at the Delta

6:15 Rehearsal at Delta Convention Center

8:00 Final Business

8:30 Students go home- Parents pick up students at the PEI Convention Center/Delta Hotel  

Sunday, Jan.31, 2016

12:00 Arrive PEI Convention Center/Delta Hotel

12:30 Dress rehearsal

2:00    Concert

Student Information

Be on time with instrument, all honors band music and a sharpened pencil for all rehearsals.

Concert dress for both concerts will be black pants and the Honor Band t-shirt that will be handed out on Saturday night.

Please no outdoor foot wear in the band room.

You will need proper gym gear including sneakers for Saturday afternoon at the Murphy’s Center.

You will also need a lunch on Saturday.(Billets hosts are asked to provide a lunch for visiting students). There is not enough time for students to go out for lunch on Saturday.

It is important that parents know the schedule for week-end in order to drop off and pick-up students on time at the proper locations.

October, 2016

Please click on the link below for a PDF copy of this year’s permission form:

2016 HB Permission Form and Contract

General Information:

The Honour Band is a provincial band comprised of grade 9 students from across P.E.I..  I will be recommending approximately 17 students to represent the Stonepark band program in this year’s Provincial Honour Band.  The students will receive their music in November and will be responsible to practice it at home and to attend scheduled rehearsals at school during the months of December and January.

A mandatory full day rehearsal for all Eastern District students will be held at Stonepark Intermediate in mid-January.

There  is typically a $60.00 Honours Band registration fee which is due before the Eastern School district Sectional Day in mid-January.

A concert for the public will be performed at the Delta Prince Edward on the Sunday afternoon of the Honours Band weekend.

Students will not have activities scheduled on Sunday morning, but the schedule will be very busy from early Friday evening until the conclusion of the weekend following the concert on Sunday afternoon.  Students who wish to participate in this very worthwhile and exciting enrichment activity must be able to make a firm commitment to attend all scheduled activities (all rehearsals, recreational activities and performances) throughout the Honours Band weekend.   Absolutely no exceptions can be made to this expectation due to the intensive nature of this activity.   A permission form and contract which will confirm that parents and students understand this commitment must be signed and returned to Mrs. Peters in October.

Further information will be provided to interested students as it becomes available at the following web address:



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