Storm Closures, Delays and Cancellations

In the event of a school delay, early morning band rehearsals are canceled for the day.

School cancellations and early closures result in the automatic cancellation of after school extra-curricular activities (including band rehearsals and concerts).

If school is canceled, students are asked to please check the band blog and/or listen to morning announcements upon returning to school for rescheduled rehearsal dates and times.

In the event that a rehearsal must be canceled unexpectedly, I will notify students in advance through morning announcements (which can be viewed on the school website),  and/or a post on the band blog.

*The final decision as to whether to travel on winter mornings always rests with parents/guardians. If you deem roads to be unsafe, please just let me know by sending me a note or an email.  If you choose to travel and roads are slippery, please take your time and arrive safely; I’ll happily let a student come into the band practice late.

In the event that an early morning rehearsal has to be canceled at the last minute due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, a radio announcement will be sent to the following radio stations; CBC Island Morning, Ocean 100, and Hot 105.5




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